The new sports hall for the Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium secondary school and 39. Grundschule primary school is an ensemble of three structures. Two solid structures carry a third, lighter one. Like the existing grammar school, blocks 1 and 2 are faced in red brick, while the third has a lightweight facade of glass and polycarbonate panels to catch the light. Situated directly on the quiet schoolyard, the first block houses the catering services and is in easy reach of both schools. Block 2 contains the changing rooms, a single-pitch sports hall and above it, in the third element, the large two-pitch sports hall. A grassy embankment to the north encloses the entire complex and creates a new and attractive school entrance yard. The operating costs are kept down with air intake through a floor duct and solar-powered hot water supply. To sharpen the students’ awareness of renewable energy, the solar collectors are a clearly visible part of the south-facing facade. The sports hall was handed over to the client, the City of Leipzig, and its occupants on schedule in March 2010.